Death Derby – two player, free, arcade/racing title released for Android

Posted by Kacper Woźniak on Monday Apr 7, 2014 Under Android, Games


Fasten your seat belts, put on your helmet, hit the gas and take a part in one of a kind derby that is only about one thing – total destruction.

New title for Ratalaika Games has just been released for all Android users via Google Play. Follow the link below and try out a unique, two player, arcade/racing experiance on your tabler or smartphone.

Google Play


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Beta testing on FGL

Posted by Kacper Woźniak on Saturday Feb 8, 2014 Under Android, Games, HTML5, iOS, Spiller

A long-term project of Ratalaika Games - Defend Your Crypt has been recently released in an unfinished, beta state on FGL to beta-test It. For those who doesn’t have a FGL account and is interested in the game can read Its description here:

Mighty, powerful and forgotten – You, one of the greatest rulers of the ancient world are now awoken. Eternal peace has been disturbed, godless people are trying to lay their hands on your gold. You can’t let that happen, Almighty. Your grave has been prepared for that moment, everything is settled. Use your will, channel your anger and by your wrath show them what really lies in this tomb.

Anybody who has got an account on FGL can freely play It and leave us any feedback. We’re currently on the phase of adding more levels and fixing minor bugs so player reviews will really be helpful. We hope to finish and close the beta on the beginning of March this year.

DYC - App Icon

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Ocultin the Wizard

Posted by Kacper Woźniak on Monday Feb 3, 2014 Under Games

Ratalaika Games hasn’t stopped working. Next title, featering the almighty Ocultin has been added to the FGL portal.


As you can read in the discription:

The dark adventure begins for a wizard Ocultin. Mysterious Dark Shadow stole the Magical Gems and all colors of the world with them. Join the wisest of magicians and fight through 18 levels filled with puzzles straight from the world of shadows. Use your magic to defeat evil powers and take back what has been stolen.

Similar to “Who is the Killer?” this game is meant for OUYA consoles among the browser version of this title. Wish us well, believe in us and spread the news waiting for widespread release.


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New title is out!

Posted by Kacper Woźniak on Sunday Jan 26, 2014 Under Games

Today new game has been released and published on FGL looking for sponsors:

Who is the Killer? - Logo

And as the description says:

Who is the Killer? Is a simple and very addictively fun two-player game based on open-source library made by Ratalaika Games – Spiller. One of the Player takes a role of the Killer who tries to score the kill count of six or get rid of the other player. His opponent goal is to stop his bloody aspirations. Pick your character and try to find your adversary in the crowd of identical persons. Be first and eliminate your enemy, be quick and stay invisible because everyone can be a threat…

Wish us luck, we’re trying to find somebody who’d like to sponsor our newest production and get us some financial boost. So keep your fingers crossed and wait for WtK to appear on your desktops and OUYAs soon.


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Cowlien published on Android!!!

Posted by ratalaika on Saturday Jan 18, 2014 Under Android, Games

A few days ago we released Cowlien Flash version as Open Source. Today we published the Android version of the game.
We may port it to FirefoxOS soon and release he code as well :)

You can find it here: Cowlien

I hope you like it!!

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ratalaika Games Christmas present, a game made Open Source!!

Posted by ratalaika on Saturday Jan 11, 2014 Under Games

Well, after those weeks of joy and presents for everyone, we didn’t want to leave you without a present!

But… What could we give? After a long time thinking we decided to release one of our games as Open Source!!!

Yeah! You read right, we have push over GitHub the whole source code of Cowlien. It is on flash version so you won’t need any special devices to try it :).

We hope you enjoyed this little present :D

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We are back after the Christmas period!!

Posted by ratalaika on Saturday Jan 11, 2014 Under HTML5

We are back after the Christmas break :) and we have tons of news!!

The first thing we have to say is that we get a brand new Firefox OS phone! We will use it to port out games to this new platform.

In order to do that we ported our game engine to JavaScript and HTML 5.

You will get some new screenshots and examples soon :).

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Snap That ! Blog # 3

Posted by Chris Tobi on Wednesday Dec 18, 2013 Under Games

Hey guys, its been a while since the last blog. Today im gonna show you the official conceptual art for the task makers in the game. These task makers will determine what kind of task you’ll do. They don’t have any name yet but they certainly have themes.



That’s it for today folks and stay tune for more. I promise I’ll be more active.

Please like us on

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TAGJam 5 results are here!

Posted by ratalaika on Friday Dec 13, 2013 Under Jams

I had a fantastic time playing everyone’s submissions! They were all truly so much fun! I’m honored to jam with everyone of you! Unfortunately we can only pick one winner, and before we do that I would like to give respect to all of the games made this month! Lets look at our themes again shall we? Mechanization, Bertha, and “Damn the torpedoes FULL SPEED AHEAD!”

First let’s post all the participants links:

First off I’d just like to toss our game up on here and get it out of the way. We cannot win this month and it wouldnt matter anyway because there were some fantastic submissions that blew us out of the water!

Shelly and the Submarine by Adrian Vega of Ratalaika Games, accompanied by Sara Rubright, Shayna Moon, Jack Duckels, Rafael Smith, and Luke Schnabel. This game featured a bit of all 3 themes. It was originally intended to be a bullet hell but we went for a side scrolling story instead because of the cool ideas we had for the world in which it took place. Shelly, a highly advanced aquatic research drone is scanning ocean depths when she comes across an active nuclear submarine. As it fires upon her she makes the descision to disable it at all costs to prevent harm to civillian populations on nearby land. Mechanization was used in designing our Drone Shelly, a super advanced research robot that utilizes a scanning algorithm acronymed as B.E.R.T.H.A. The Bertha theme was met with our character being female (a more creative way to impliment that theme escapes me..) and we thought we’d use it as an acronym as well. Finally Damn the torpedoes is blatantly obvious as that is what you’re dodging through the entire game. Overall I would love for our writer Jack to delve into this world and really create an epic story that could be brought to life in a larger game. We’ll see if he takes up the challenge! :D

Alright! for the contestant submissions in no particular order we have:

Blue Whale Save by Daniel Doan – Dozens of whales are being slaughtered by missiles! Save the blue whales!
Blue whale utilizes torpedoes and mechanization with the bombs and missiles that are in the game, also the damn the torpedoes theme is very apparent as you attempt to rescue whales with such small hope due to the amount of weapons firing off.. After you beat the game and save the 99 whales you wanted to save, the game then flips on you and every whale you were saving turns out to have been killed, and instead of saving blue whales you were actually helping to wipe them off the face of the planet.. that is some messed up stuff Dan. XD I cant really stomach it haha. But cool game nontheless!

Mega Mechanica by Tony Barry and Tommy – Megaman esk platformer where you’re an astronaut with a sweet gun zapping the crap out of floating heads and pink Halo-esk Master Chiefs! Also beware the giant pillars of doom. they suck. Fantastic music as well! XD The game utilizes the mechanization theme with some of the platform traps and overall setting. It’s not entirely apparent if the main character is a girl or not, so I’m not sure if Bertha fits in there. It took me a good 40 minutes to actually get focused enough to beat the game, there was this incredibly maddening little glitch that wasnt really a glitch where if you tried to quick jump from a ledge like in old school platformers you’d end up just using the rocket boost and falling to your death instead. XD  That took some time to mentally overcome. All in all I really enjoyed it and liked the game, especially the little space person. they were awesome!

Davy Jones Freezer by Kristina – Sail the high seas with a ship that has a cargo bay filled to the brim with Dairy treats! Get your shipment to the island paradise so all the spoiled islanders can have delicious treats! (or maybe thats just where Davy stashed all of his delicious delacacies!) I gotta say, this game caught me completely off guard, and I was so refreshed! Absolutely hilarious idea and the gameplay is solid, there are these.. urchins in the water or bombs maybe that you have to dodge or else you’ll lose some of your ice cream, and then ther are also little ice creams floating around that you can pick up and add to your booty! All the while a rogue pirate ship chases you for your treasure! As far as the themes go I can easily see damn the torpedoes because of the massive amount of bombs in the water and how a player can easily and recklessly head for the island in the most destructive way possible. Awesome game as well! (still waiting on more to come from little volcano! XD)

Per Torpedum Ad Astram by Joel – Its freakin’ Starfox but with torpedoes and Cats! EPIC! These dogfight combat style games have been missing from the gaming world for like 10 years! I’m glad to see you made one! It was so much fun! On my second try I got up to the 2nd cat type and had like 20k points but then it got a crit error and bugged out. Its ridiculously fun to figure out the flight patterns required to dodge everything. The mechanization is there as you’re in an airplane, the damn the torpedoes is there since you’re in a bullet hell genre game. I hands down had the most fun with this game simply because of its fast paced, chaotic gameplay and simple but reactive control scheme… Oh who am I kidding?!? I loved this game for the cats!

Bright Bertha by Lonely Troll Productions – This bullet hell/ side scroller puts ours to shame when it comes to game mechanics, its got multiple enemy types, currency, upgrades, and some fantastic looking artwork! It was fun as heck to play because you could just keep spamming your weapon and wipe out everything on the screen. The music was very cool too, very sporatic. It felt like true chaos and I enjoyed every second of it! It definitely matches the damn the torpedoes theme with all of the enemies you have to dodge or kill. Overall the game was fantastic! And I’d love to see more from it with future updates!

Damage Control by Brendan Lobuglio – This is a very interesting game that could easily grow into a truly fantastic strategy game. The gist of the game is that you have a base made of different tetris shaped walls that protect a certain part of your base, and every turn a wave of missiles come in in a certain pattern that you can see ahead of time. To prepare for these waves you get to move 3 of the tiles in your base to someplace else on the game board in order to defend from the missiles more easily, You also get a weapon that fires back at the incoming missiles and can be used to negate one incoming missile per wave, if 2 missiles are coming in from one direction your weapon will only hit the first missile and the 2nd will damage your weapon. As far as themes go I dont really see it matching any too specifically, Abstractly it could match Mechanization for your ability to change the design of your defenses each turn. Damn the torpedoes is more of a throw away at your personal defenses so this game doesnt match up to the chaos or fragility that damn the torpedoes poses. However I’m sure that you’ll agree if you lose.. Damn those torpedoes.. Damn them straight to hell.. XD

Robot Control by Victor “Fr0sZ” Möller – I want to apologise for not seeing this game when we were originally writing the post. I completely forgot to check the first post. And for that, my most sincere apologies. This game was nuts from the get go, I like that you had to control 4 separate units in order to keep a robot walking to the goal. It really brings home the theme of mechanization. Adrian and I played this game for a good 30 minutes and Adrian managed to get to the button without a 10 key on his laptop, and I managed to back myself into the corner.. just like in QWOP I totally fail at getting the robot to move forward! As we wanted to quickly update the post I gave up after a half hour of trying to get to the goal, but the closest I got was rocking back and forth in the middle of the screen.


And the winner is!!!!……. Per Torpedum Ad Astram By Joel!!!!… I dont know Joels last name.. Haha! But it doesnt matter because the game was awesome! So what this means is that TAGjam6 is going to be hosted by Joel in January! If you have any problems, concerns, comments, or emotional outbursts please contact Charles at so that we can insure the next jam moves forward without a hitch! Thanks again everyone for another fantastic Jam! I hope to see EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU NEXT MONTH! Also if you ever need a game promoted or are looking for additional team mates feel free to get ahold of Luke Schnabel at thelukeschnabel at or via twitter @LukeSchnabel

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Time’s up! Jam time has officially ended!

Posted by ratalaika on Monday Dec 9, 2013 Under Jams

Alright! Time’s up! Jam time has officially ended!

Thank you to everyone who participated

You’ve got a 12 hour window to fix any game breaking bugs that might have occurred, there’s also plenty of time to take a good long nap if you need one to recover before coding a fix!

Upload your submission wherever you deem convenient and get us a link to it in the comments below! We’ll be playing and judging all the games to pick a winner!

We will create a post with all the entries on Tuesday and rate them during the course of the week :).

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